wevaluediplomacy delegates are discussing

What is a Draft Resolution in MUN? How to Prepare a Draft Resolution?

What is a resolution?

A resolution is a formal expression of opinion or of intention issued by a committee or an assembly. This resolution is often the solution to a problem posed. It is submitted and voted on by delegates.

How to Prepare a Draft Resolution?

wevaluediplomacy delegates are discussing
wevaluediplomacy delegates are discussing

1 – Show the reality of the problem and the need to act. After defining the problem, do your research, list actions already taken, existing laws and resolutions, and learn about the position of different countries and parties
politicians, and yours in particular, on the matter.

2 – Propose your solution. It is important to develop an action plan consistent with the party policy you are represent and in the interest of your country. It would be better if it was acceptable to the majority UN delegates. When preparing it, consider it from different angles: economical, political, military, social or environmental.

3 – Justify your action plan. Be prepared to defend your action plan point by point with numbers and arguments.
You must therefore anticipate criticism and prepare your arguments to counter them. Format of the resolution: pay particular attention to the format and layout: underline the verbs, take care of the punctuation, the numbering of the operative clauses but not preamble clauses, etc. Resolutions should be concise and precise and reflect the point of view of the country represented.


Most resolutions are formal recommendations of UN bodies and become the focus of debates in committees and plenary assemblies. The resolutions may express an opinion or recommend that action be taken by a United Nations body or affiliated agency. Resolutions can have several ranges of action, when drafting a resolution, the following points should be considered. Once a body has adopted a resolution, it becomes its official guideline. Although most resolutions are simply political statements, it is possible for a resolution to incorporate a treaty, declaration or convention in its own right. Resolutions can be general statements or directives directed specifically to organizations, bodies of the United Nations or States.

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