wevaluediplomacy delegate of turkiye

Preparing Your FIRST MUN? Tricks & Tips for a First Timer in MUN

Learn brief information About Your Country Before you read the Study Guide/ Background Guide the conference provides and here’sthings you can look up about your country:

Preparing Your FIRST Wevaluediplomacy MUN
Preparing Your FIRST Wevaluediplomacy MUN

a. Geography location – Find your country on a map. Check out your size, terrain and neighbors;

b. Politics – Check if you are a democracy, a pseudo-democracy, or an authoritarian power. If a democracy, check which party is in power;

c. Data – Population size, main languages, demographic breakdown and wealth, usually by looking at the Gross Domestic Product (GDP);

d. News – Glance at the news and see what your country has been up to most recently.

wevaluediplomacy delegate of turkiye
wevaluediplomacy delegate of türkiye opening speech

Read the study guide make sure you understand your council and topic as well as the QARMAS.

Make sure you understand and don’t go outside your country stance even if your country in the disadvantage side of the topic. This will help you decided which bloc you need to sided later in the procedure if any.

Make sure you prepare for your opening speech/GSL.

Learn the rules of procedure for you to better understand how the flows going.

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