WVDMUN During the Conference

MUN Skills Required Before & During the Conference

Issues of international scope are discussed during the conferences of the WVD MUN (We Value Diplomacy – Model UN) Each delegate must be able to transmit in a very short time the position of his country. This implies that he has sufficient knowledge of the issues to debate and diplomatic rules.

WVDMUN During the Conference
WVDMUN During the Conference

Read, learn about the nation or organization represented and make research on the subjects of the program.
Know the political positions of the nation or organization represented and know how to reformulate them in writing and orally. Develop solutions to problems in the form of draft resolutions that will constitute a basis for negotiation and debate. Speak in public and become familiar with the formalism of the debate.

Address a problem and define its ins and outs.
Prefer negotiation to confrontation.
Work for conciliation and not condemnation.
Negotiate and mediate between parties involved in issues common but whose interpretations and solutions diverge.
Avoid idle rhetoric.
Do not sacrifice the interest of a delegation for the benefit of personal advantages.
Look for consensual decisions.

A debate must be a negotiation during which each party involved seeks solutions favorable to all. Each party must work with a good knowledge of the subject without, however, having written the negotiation scenario beforehand.
The delegate must be able to:

  • to respond quickly to the questions asked and to evaluate the proposals formulated, thus developing their own thinking;
  • to seek and obtain the support of other delegates in order to defend his draft resolution, this is called the work of lobbying.
  1. Country Identity / Geography
  • Area? Population ? Capital city ?
  • Geographical location ?
  • Topography, relief of the country?
  • Border countries
  1. Identity of the country / History and political life
  • Since when independent?
  • Political regime?
  • Head of state ? Head of Government ?
  • Events of the last 5 years
  1. Country Identity / Country Culture
  • Official languages)
  • Ethnic groups? – Religion?
  • Consequences on society, political and economic life?
  1. Country Identity / Economy
  • GNP?
  • Resources ?
  • Developed nations ? Developing countries ?
  • Partnership with which economic organization(s)?
  1. Place on international life / Defense
  • Military independence?
  • Military alliance?
  • Nuclear weapon ?
  1. Place on international life / Influence in the world
  • Relations with neighboring countries?
  • Role in the United Nations?