MUN Position Paper (Country Position) – How to Write it?

A position paper is a diplomatic statement of your country’s position on the issues before your individual committee. They involve researching all aspect of your country’s history and background, from politics and geography to economics and allies.

Position papers are a tool used to clarify a country’s position, provide ideas for negotiation, examine all sides of the issue and practice written diplomacy.

While there may be some variation in position paper policies between different MUN conferences, the papers always follow a similar format. A well-written position paper will positively impact your experience as a delegate.

A position paper must meet the following format requirements:

  • 2 page minimum, 5 page maximum
  • Font, ”Times New Roman”
  • Single-spaced, 12 pt. size
  • Divided by topic segments
  • Format ”.doc, or .pdf”
WVDMUN Position Paper mun

Follow these steps to effectively write a strong position paper:

The name of the committee, the name of your country, the name of the topic, and your own name should always be at the top of your position paper document.

  • The first paragraph should broadly introduce the topic and conclude with your country’s basic position on the topic.
  • The second paragraph is where you will expand on the topics you have stated in the first paragraph. You will give details on the topics and explain why your country believes that the topic is significant. This paragraph should detail your country’s position on the topic. Shortly, your country’s position on the topic and work on the issue.
  • The third paragraph should state previous actions your country has taken. Should detail solutions implemented by your country to solve the issue. For example;
    • Statistics to back up your country’s position on the issue,
    • Conventions and resolutions that your country has signed or ratified related to the issue. Additionally, the third paragraph should discuss other possible solutions and analyze pros and cons.
  • The fourth paragraph is the conclusion and possible solutions. Sum up everything you have written in your position paper. And finish by writing down your solutions with strong, forward-looking sentences.
  • At the end of your document, insert a “BIBLIOGRAPHY” where you will have identified the sources used during your research. You will ensure that you use varied and reliable sources.

When you finished writing a position paper on topics, email your paper to your committee dais. As your subject header, indicate that the email contains a position paper and indicate the country that you represent, for example: “Turkey’s Position Paper”.

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