MUN – How to Set the Agenda? Opening Formal Session, Agenda Setting?

Here, delegates are required to give a speech to set the agenda in the manner they would like the committee to address the topics. That is, which topic should be addressed first. The time set for your speech to set the agenda is short, so the speech should be brief. You have to get to the point quickly. Here, we simply want to know how you want the topics to be addressed (Usually, only one topic is discussed in each committee at LMUN, so really, you are telling us the topic you want to discuss at the conference). It would usually contain:

istanbul model united nations wvdmun

• An outline of how the topics should be addressed.

• A short reasoning as to why your country believes the topic should follow that particular order. E.g., statistic

• A call to action

Honourable Dais, fellow delegates Pakistan believes that the agenda should be set in the following order:

Topic 2 firstly

And then topic 1 While both topics are important, Pakistan believes that topic 2 should take precedence because of the sheer scale of contemporary situations of crises and disasters. Up to 25% of Member States here today face crisis situations. We also cannot continue to take lightly the fraught of 136 million people in need of humanitarian relief.

Pakistan calls upon this committee to realize the exigency of strengthening humanitarian relief and address it first at this conference.

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