We have all heard of the United Nations, but we hear less of the Model United Nations.

What is it about ? What is the MUN?


The Model United Nations is an activity that encourages young people to get involved in diplomacy and international relations through a simulation of UN-style debates. Very often, this activity is organized in schools or as an extra-curricular activity. This is a project that provides young people with an opportunity to actively engage in the resolution of contemporary issues, while appreciating the diversity of opinions by relativizing a point of view or a position taken on a global level. This diversity allows young people to be aware of the complexity of today’s world and of decision-making, the first essential step in finding solutions to the problems of our time.


Some might wonder what students can accomplish through this activity. It is above all a question of developing an awareness, a desire to find solutions to the problems that affect our daily lives. The popularity of MUN conferences is increasing year by year, and nowadays there are more than 400,000 schools and universities participating in such events every year. This reflects a desire of young people to understand the mechanisms and dynamics of our society, in order to promote the universal values ​​of the United Nations and achieve them through commitment and knowledge.

MUN flows in General:

  1. Position Paper Submission (before the conference)
  2. Committee Session (moderated caucus & unmoderated caucus)
  3. Working Paper Discussion
  4. Draft Resolution Submission
  5. Voting for Draft Resolution
WVDMUN During the Conference
WVDMUN During the Conference

Aims of MUN Conference
The aim of MUN differs from conference to conference, but generally, it is to educate
participants about the workings of an international organization such as the UN, to enhance a
participants negotiating and oratory skills and to broaden the participants view and knowledge
of the world. MUN has wider educational objectives to be achieved by the participants:

  • Raising the goals of humanity,
  • Increasing awareness of others,
  • The acquisition of knowledge,
  • The development of practical language skills
wevaluediplomacy delegate of turkiye
wevaluediplomacy delegate of turkiye

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